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I am a simple person at heart. I enjoy [need] my alone time. I like reading, watching TV [I am a DVR freak!], dining out & spending time w/friends & family. I believe in continuous learning & would love to go back to school. I'm an "indoorsy" person. I'm not really an outdoorsy person. Camping, fishing, etc. holds no interest for me. My idea of a vacation includes AC, a spa & possibly a beach. Or a casino. Or a cruise ship.
HighSchool: Streator Township High School
Music: Just about everything...except a lot of Country.
TV: TIVO/DVR is my best friend. I watch a lot...Almost everything...I'm a DVR freak! LOL! Heroes is probably my favorite show currently.
Books: Harry Potter...Twilight series...The Celestine Prophecy... The Secret...The Left Behind Series...miscellaneous Self-Help, Psychology-based, Relationship-oriented, tons of Romance, Sci-fi, Paranormal.
Sports: None
Interests: Reading, watching TV, surfing the internet, Karaoke, Spiritual exploration, Fitness, Learning about Stock Trading, Wine, Coffee, Traveling, House-Flipping, Quiet time, Massages, Technology, Digital Camera & taking Pictures, Cat person
Movies: The Matrix, Wall-e, Harry Potter, Shawshank Redemption, Austin Powers, Office Space, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Independence Day, Sliding Doors.
BestFeatures: My eyes & smile
Dreams: My dream is to find someone who shares some common interests & goals...someone who will be a good male figure in my son's life...someone who can fit into my son's & my life like the missing piece to our puzzle.

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