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I am gainfully employed, i maintain my residence & car independently. I won't ask you to pay bills if you promise to do the same :) I am a divorced, single parent of a 15 year old son. I want to date a mature individual who has realized they are all the same and is player cardless. No 1 night stands sought, no buy me dinner and expect something in returns and last but not least i do not want u 2 live with me YET!
HighSchool: William Fleming High School
College: James Madison University
JuniorHighSchool: Lucy Addison Middle School
Music: Neo-soul, R & B, Jazz, Reggae
TV: First 48, Olympic Games, Basketball games
Books: The Purpose Driven Life, Anything by John Gray
Sports: Basketball, track and field, football (both)
Interests: dance classes (chicago step, zumba, salsa), running a race
Movies: Relationship movies like Love and Basketball, 50 First Dates, Why Did I Get Married? 1 & 2, Pretty Woman, The Hangover 1 & 2, Colombiana, Bridesmaids
WhatImInto: Raising my son to be a productive part of society. Not wasting my time or anyone else's and enjoying my life to the fullest.
BestFeatures: my smile and heart also my mind the wisdom that i possess ensures that i see straight thru & have very little tolerance 4 the ish out here today!
Dreams: I want to remarry and have a milestone wedding anniversary like 20 years and be respected, sought after for advice and surrounded by those same persons...come on people enough of the meet him/her, try 2 f*** them security will be nonexistent soon, set up ur residual income or get hitched and get it done!

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