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I am a confident, independent lady looking to meet new and interesting friends and network here at . I am open-minded, goal oriented, fun loving, and very spontaneous. I love to read and write poetry. I love to meet wonderful people and develop new relationships. I do not like to place limitations on myself because I feel if you set your mind to anything, the sky is the limit!!Apperance: I possess a beautiful olive complexion. My best feature are my eyes which are an intriguing combination of yellow/green/light brown. They truly are unique and are the strongest feature next to my smile. I am short in statue with a thick build. My style of clothing varies with my mood. Looking for: I have finally found the one that I can truly devote myself to and have recently been proposed too, so sorry fellas, this lady is off the market.
JuniorHighSchool: Lochburn Middle School
ElementarySchool: Oakwood Elementary School
Music: I love all types of music....
TV: Any type of Reality Television....lets face it...I am a junkie!!!
Books: Anything that can capture my attention. Being that I walk a very metaphysical path in my life, anything new age usually can capture my attention.
Sports: Sorry fellas...definitely not into any sports other than that all male Soap Opera that we call the WWE!!!!
Movies: Open to anything....
WhatImInto: I have many interests. When I intially opened my account here at tagged I was looking for love in all the wrong places I am sad to say, but since then, my search is over as I have found the man of my dreams and am happy to share it with the world!!!!
MyBestFeatures: My eyes...
MyDreams: To attain my Master's Degree in Business....already have my BA so I am almost there!

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