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Hey everyone my name is melissa. I have a 11 year old daughter. We come as a package. If you can't handle children then don't bother writing me. My daughter comes first and if you can't handle that then don't bother contacting me either. A few things that will make me stop talking to u. 1 tell me ur going to do something and never go through with it. 2. Don't lie to me or just tell me things u think I want to hear. Cause I will not just say things to u just because. If I say I am interested in u it's not because of what u have or ur dick. It's because of u ur personality, our conversations things of that interest me cause when it come down to it if there is no chemistry or friendship and honesty there will be nothing that will come out of it. I am just on a different level than others. So thanks for checking out my page and if u want to know anything just ask. and one more thing yes i am thick i am not barbie never have and never will be.like me for me or don't like me at all..
HighSchool: Bloomington High School

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