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Hi my name is Maria Angela Pena, I have four kids! Yeah i know thats lots of kids but hey i had twins! Anyways i don't know what to put on this... I'm divorced, had a cheating husband. I was engaged to a man I thought was the world and he let me down, I'm hurt and heartbroken but at the same time still looking for my happily ever after as sappy as that sounds. Life goes on and you get pushed around a lot but what counts is how you take it, are you going to land on your ass and lay there or come back fighting. Me? I choose to fight, no matter how hard I cry or how hurt I am, I'm a fighter... I am a hopeless romantic, when i fall in love i love with all my heart and soul. My kids are my life and they're gorgeous, three girls and one poor outnumbered little boy... at least he'll know how to treat a lady. I love roses and flowers as cliche as it sounds, I got my first rose when i was 12 and that started a trend. I love read, write poetry and listen to music. I like all kinds of music
HighSchool: Schuyler Central High School
College: Kaplan University-Lincoln
JuniorHighSchool: Detroit Lake Junior High School
ElementarySchool: Burns Elementary School
Music: I love all kinds of music, but I'm a romantic at heart so I have to say slow, rb, baladas, bachata, etc.
Movies: Anything with Nicolas Cage.
WhatImInto: Reading, Writing,
MyBestFeatures: My eyes, my personality
MyDreams: What every women dreams about.... my happily ever after

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